The applications look as if they are performing alright, and also there are no unexpected packets or viruses in the system. There are no Trojans on the servers and no one is downloading gigabytes of music on their iPod. You may be confused. But did you think about going to the communications room and checking the cable of server’s patch.

It is very easy to forget that the cables are the main systems of our networks. They can get blocked by too much data and rarely they can become corroded or degraded, forcing network managers to carry out the equivalent of a triple bypass to get things running smoothly again.

Maintaining a hail and hearty cabling system is essential for proper functioning of the network, but how do you determine the wellbeing of your infrastructure?

There are three main parts of most of the cabling structures: the core backbone cabling infrastructure is generally a vertical cabling system which is running between the floors, the structured cabling runs to the desk usually horizontally along each floor and the third part – the patch cabinet is where the computers on the LAN are connected to each other and hooked to incoming WAN connections. Patch cabinets are something where things actually go wrong as cables are being replaced and pulled all the time.

Managing director at network consultancy and cabling firm Q2 communications says that whenever there is a problem, it is likely to be the patch cords. The cables which you see in building that get dragged by way of risers, and so on, are single-core, solid copper but patch cords are trapped with strands of copper in all of the wires in the cord, therefore they tend to break more easily. But only because it stays properly when installed, structured and backbone cabling is not vulnerable. Even external cabling intended to operate between buildings possesses unique vulnerabilities. Some suppliers have also introduced anti-rat cables to prevent data-hungry rodents doing their worst.

Cables encompass certain bend radius beyond which they are not meant to flex. To know why it happens, bend a thin piece of copper forwards and backwards and then see what happens to it. Cables get trodden and bend backwards, which can degrade the information carrying capabilities of the wire. Even when cables are tied too tightly then they can cause problems.

Further, cables should be cleaned regularly and they should also be organized properly. Thus, proper cabling is very important for better functioning of the network.


Networking your business could eventually be the best thing you have ever done. Networking, even to an experienced professional, can seem to be scary or intimidating at times. The reason for this is because of the fact that networking can be negative or positive. We often don’t think about negative networking. Not knowing what makes up the difference between the two makes it simple to network in a negative manner.

Networking is one of the most frequently used and misunderstood words in our vocabulary. It is defined as “the interchange of services or information among groups, individuals or institutions.” The purpose of networking is actually not included in the definition of networking. If we view networking as the process of maintaining and developing quality relationships which are equally beneficial, it will not take time in realizing that networking is a continuing process. The persistent building of relationships which can last for long is what makes the networking a continuing process.

Positive networking desires to become a way of life. Networking is not something that comes without difficulty to many people. Every time when you meet someone new, you get the opportunity to network, enrich your life and learn new things. As we have widened our definition of networking to include its purpose, we really don’t have time not to network.

Building relationships which will help you to reach your potential is easier than you may think. Welcome new opportunities to meet new people. Do not save your networking for particular places or situations. Networking can be done at any time and at any place. Learn about the person for whom you are networking and how can you help them. Help other to connect with the people you know can be helpful to them, stay in touch and keep your promises. These are all most important aspects which are often ignored while developing network relationships that are equally beneficial.

It takes time to do networking and will be ever-growing. You will for all time find opportunities to meet new people to add to your list of contacts. After you have established relationship, recognize the people who can be helpful to you, stay connected and keep your network growing. Identify the activities and organizations where people you wish to know gather, get involved and become known.

Networking does not have to be difficult but actually it can be fun. Always remember that it is something you will need to work constantly and before you know it, you will possess a strong network behind you to back your efforts.

Information Technology Support

Today, this term information technology has ballooned to such an extent that it can encompass many other aspects of computing as well as other forms of electronic technology. And this term has been granted and ordained more recognition than never before. And this term is not only related to the computer and its peripherals but can be extended and applied to other such related aspects and fields.

IT has been defined and is generally understood as the information technology, and this is related to the field of computers and other electronic peripherals. It is the study, development, design and the implementation and the execution of computer based information systems, be it anything either the hardware or the software. And not only that, it deals with the usage of electronic products as well as components and even computer software that converts stores and executes all the functions of computer data and information.

This is because ever since the past few years computers have become one of the essential and primary ingredient and element of our everyday lifestyle and living. Be it, our workplace, our home they seem to be around everywhere and working without them would be like a nightmare since they have replaced document and paperwork. Working without the computer just seems to be impossible because they do all the work and perform all the functions in seconds and sometimes minutes.

But it’s the widespread and the explosive use of the internet and the computer that has also raised the need for those technicians that have play a pivotal when it comes to forgetting a password, or when we have our computers crashed because of the virus of some software bug.

There are different kinds of IT professionals and experts that work and perform a variety of services that can range from installing applications to designing and creating complex network of computer data and information. Here are some e.g. of the services and the functions that these IT professionals perform and provide, like data management and retrieval services, computer hardware and software designing as well as management administration.

Usually it’s a general term that can be described to any technology and electronic service that can store, produce, manipulate and even disseminate computer information. Presumably it’s the whole field that can cover all computer related aspects along with the information and the technical services that are associated with it.